There are many religious Catholics whose readiness to change is merely a conditional one. The exert themselves to keep the commandments and to get rid of such qualities as they have recognized to be sinful. But they lack the will and the readiness to become new men all in all, to break with all purely natural standards, to view all things in a supernatural light. They prefer to evade the act of metanoia: a true conversion of the heart. Hence with undisturbed consciences they cling to all that appears to them legitimate by natural standards.

This quote is from the first Chapter of von Hildebrand's Transformation in Christ. This particular paragraph stopped me in my tracks. I wondered – is this describing me? I even admit it made me question if I should continue reading the book because I was afraid of what I might learn about myself. I am now only about 70 pages from completing it and can definitely say I am glad I did not stop.

So, what about you? Does this paragraph describe you? If so, what are you going to do about it?