Over the next week or so I will be either really busy or out of town. Therefore, my posts will most likely take the form of quotes from Transformation in Christ. Today’s post is, I believe, the first mention of one of my favorite phrases in the book – the metaphysical situation of man. This phrase is something I intend on trying to explain in the future. (I say ‘try’ not because the reader wouldn’t be able to understand what it means but because I might not be able to adequately explain it.) But I think the following quote makes a good start in helping us understand what he means by this very important phrase.

The great mystery of our metaphysical situation, that God is nearer to us than we are ourselves, is manifest in the fact that we cannot even be wholly ourselves – in the sense of individuality as a unique divine thought – until we are reborn in Christ.

Therefore, if we are not reborn in Christ, we can never be who God intended us to be. If we keep selfishly trying to do our own will instead of the will of God who created us – by just doing ‘what comes naturally’, which really means just following our own selfish and sinful desires – then we may think that we are becoming more free and more ourselves but in reality we are just becoming slaves of our own sinful desires.