If you watched the Sunday edition of the 10:00 p.m. news on Channel 4 in San Antonio you would have seen a piece done by the news crew in the picture above. They were there covering the Pro-Life Rally at Milam Park in downtown San Antonio. In the very short of on-air coverage they gave equal amounts of time to both the Pro-Life and pro-death sides. The woman you see above was at the event and being interviewed because she likes to kill babies. (Well I don't want to jump to conclusions or anything of that sort, but I have to assume she likes the killing of babies because she was holding up signs with the usual pro-death slogans – pro-choice, pro-women's rights, etc.) I suppose they were giving equal time to both sides in order to 'be fair' – to be unbiased. Although, I cannot figure out why it was so important to interview this woman during the actual event. Also (if I remember correctly) they kept filming even during a prayer.

My question is this: what was so important about what this woman had to say that couldn't have waited until after the event was over to interview her? After all this was a Pro-Life and not a pro-death event. More importantly, why were they even interviewing her at all?!?! What you cannot see in this picture is that there were at least 300 Pro-Lifers at the event (and that is a very conservative estimate because I really think it was close to double that amount). Is it really unbiased to give this crazed, blood-hungry, pro-death woman equal air time when the group she represented at the event was outnumbered by 100 to 1? (Just to explain: there are five people in the picture but two of them are interviewers.)