Last Sunday, the day of the Pro-Life Rally in downtown San Antonio, I had intended on writing a post in regards to abortion. Part of my idea for that post would have included this question: why aren't pro-death 'Catholic' politicians excommunicated? But since I have a very limited understanding of excommunication I have decided to study about it before writing about it.

I already had a book on the subject: Excommunication and the Catholic Church by Edward Peters. I have only just started it but have already found something worth sharing. In the foreword to the book, written by Bishop Thomas Paprocki, he states the following:

…a censure such as excommunication is not at all vindictive, but may be seen as a sort of 'tough love,' just as loving parents discipline their children to teach them the difference between right and wrong. In fact, it would be most unloving to allow someone to persist in their wrongdoing without pointing out the fault.

That last sentence is especially important. If we knowingly allow someone we love to go on sinning without saying anything then we become at least partly responsible for their sin. And that is not even to mention the fact that their continual unrepentant sin could very well be endangering their eternal soul. Therefore it makes me wonder, if excommunication is done for the good of the sinner, why is it not applied to unrepentant pro-death Catholic politicians? And this question is especially valid in light of the fact that we are not talking about the soul of just one person (the politician) but also of countless other people that they influence with their immoral, unethical and even, dare I say, satanic beliefs. Perhaps in the remainder of the book I will find the answer.