As no darkness can be seen by anyone surrounded by light, so no trivialities can capture the attention of anyone who has his eyes on Christ. The man who keeps his eyes upon the head and origin of the whole universe has them on virtue in all its perfection; he has them on truth, on justice, on immortality and on everything else that is good, for Christ is goodness itself.

From a sermon on Ecclesiastes by St Gregory of Nyssa

The world around us is constantly fighting for our attention. Often this is from various forms of advertising: “Do this…” “Buy that…” “Go on vacation in…”. Or these constant distractions may be from the media, politicians, or so called famous people. But whatever the case may be we should always be wary of becoming engrossed in such distractions. The reason for this caution: the devil uses all of these various distractions to pull us away from the One who truly deserves our attention: God. We must never allow the common (and often pointless) concerns of this life to lay claim to our life. In other words, we must not become absorbed in the things of this world. Instead, as St. Gregory has just reminded us, we must keep our eyes on Christ.