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Shield with MottoThis is my shield, crest, seal, emblem…actually I am not sure what to call it. I don't want to call it a logo because that is usually associated with businesses and is commercial in nature. This, on the other hand, is intended to represent (to a certain degree) who I am and what I believe. I am writing this because I will be putting it in a prominent place on my blog and I wanted everyone to understand the meaning behind each of the parts.

First of all, the Cross in the center. It is a line art drawing of St. Cuthbert's pectoral cross. You can see a picture of the actual cross here. This cross was used because I was ordained to the priesthood on the anniversary of his death: March 20. Due to that fact I took him as my patron saint. Other reasons for using it include that I have been both to Lindisfarne, where he was a bishop, and to Durham Cathedral, which is the site of his tomb. During that trip to England the process of my conversion to Catholicism initially began, although at first unnoticed to me.

Secondly, there is a Chi Rho in the upper left section. This is a symbol for Christ – who, as we all know, is the Truth. This is the same truth which I am trying to relate to people through my priesthood and, more specifically, through this blog.

Next there is the symbol in the lower right section. This is referred to as Auspice Maria and means “under the protection of Mary.” The Mother or our Lord is a big reason why I became Catholic. And just as on this, the day of the Annunciation, our Savior entrusted Himself to her protection; I too entrust myself to her protection.

Lastly, there is the Latin script, which surrounds the rest. This is Acts 4:29, which is quoted from the Vulgate. The RSV translation is, “Lord, look upon their threats, and grant to thy servants to speak thy word with all boldness.”

Your feedback, comments and what to call this thing would be greatly appreciated. God bless you all and happy Solemnity of the Annunciation!