From an email to me from a reader. A very good insight.

I wanted to tell you about a strange event that happened to me this morning. I awoke at about 4:20am and was struck by a thought or a brief moment of clarity. Everyday my cell phone has an alarm that reminds me at noon and 6pm to pray the angelus. I am ashamed to admit that more often than not I find myself 'too busy'. My thought this morning was this; If I didn't have the blessing of hearing, sight, speech, strength to walk and run, would I plead with God that if he were to give me those precious gifts I would in turn promise to pray everyday, never miss a Mass or Holy Day of Obligation and so on. The thought struck me that I am again forgetting that God has already given me those gifts and countless others. The problem is that I forget to recognize and appreciate all that God has done for me and the world. I am not sure why I felt compelled to share this with you but maybe there is something in this thought that you can use in your ministry.