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Today is St. Cuthbert's feast day, at least in the calendar we use at Our Lady of the Atonement. We use the same calendar that the Ordinariates use and this day marks the day that his incorrupt body was finally laid to rest in Durham, England. His feast day is important to me because I count him as the patron saint of my priesthood. The reason for this is because in the calendar used by all other Latin Rite Catholics he has another feast day, March 20, and that happens to be the day on which I was ordained to the priesthood. (Also of importance is the fact that I had the opportunity when I was in seminary to go to both Lindisfarne, where he was bishop, and Durham Cathedral, where he was finally laid to rest. That particular trip had a big impact on my life and looking back I also count it as the beginning of the end of my time as an Anglican.) Unfortunately, I have not had enough time today to dedicate a post in regards to St. Cuthbert, but nevertheless I felt the need to say something. Therefore, I encourage you to read about this wonderful saint. There is a great hagiography written by St. Bede found here.