Below is the speech I gave at a press conference in front of a future Planned Parenthood site here in San Antonio. There is a local organization trying to stop it and they asked me to speak. I thought today would be a good day to post it.

Pro-life and pro-choice: this is how the two sides of the abortion debate refer to themselves; but, do these two terms adequately describe the sides they represent? Let us first look and consider what life is and see if the word accurately describes the pro-life side. Based on the dictionary I have in my office, life can be defined as the power of something, or someone, to move itself toward its own good or perfection. And if we look at the basic objective of the pro-life side, which is to prohibit abortion so that unborn children may have the right to move towards their own good and perfection, then we can see that the term does in fact fit with what pro-lifers promote.

But the same cannot be said of those who call themselves pro-choice. In the same dictionary just mentioned, choice is described as “a free judgment arising from reason,” which would be the opposite of decisions based emotion or feelings. This would mean that those who claim to believe in ‘choice’ have a rational freedom to make decisions that are free from psychological forces, such as feelings or emotions. But what do we find in reality? We find that those who claim to be pro-choice rarely exhibit the rational freedom necessary to truly make a free choice. Instead what we see are people who react with their emotions and especially the very powerful emotion of fear.

According to the CDC 50% of all women who have abortions are younger than 25 years old. And what but fear would lead most of those women and girls to have abortions. Fear of the college girl whose boyfriend threatens to leave her if she doesn’t have an abortion. Fear of the teenage girl who doesn’t want her parents to find out she is pregnant or who is forced by her parents to have an abortion. Fear of those who feel pressured to have an abortion because society tells them, “You are too young to have a baby – it will ruin your life.” Or what about the fear of women of all ages in lower income brackets who don’t think they can afford to have a child.

If this Planned Parenthood opens it will feed on this fear I have discussed today. When women walk through those doors there will no longer be a choice for them because fear will have taken it away. That is why all those in this city who hold to a belief in the right to life must stand against this place opening and must pray without ceasing that God will intervene and keep these doors closed.